Behind the story

As a Hong Konger, our founder found that Hong Kong people have been suffering from stresses for a long time. But there are only energy drinks in the market, but nothing helps to relax. That’s why we want to create a product that can help people relax and be suitable for everyone. 

Our founder believes ‘leisure’ should belong to every Hong Kong people while it is the foundation of building a brighter future. We should no longer talk about work and stress, but relaz, your new lifestyle.


why relaz...

Relieve your stress

with a happy lifestyle

Enjoy in

refreshing and exciting flavours

Lounge and chill

for any kind of occasion

All-natural ingredients,

no fake stuff

Z’s for

your well-rested deep sleep


Passion for our home

We are a local brand with a passion for Hong Kong. We believe it’s a part of the responsibility to contribute to society. We have decided to give 5% of our profits to charities in Hong Kong to help the disadvantaged group and teenagers.